Parenting Judgement Indicator

Formula 4 Parenting

We aim to help you with a part of parenting that is difficult to get right. With eight children between us, Bob and I know that only too well!

If you would like to develop your ability to choose the best approach to use with your children in family decision making situations, you have come to the right place. These are often situations where the children want freedom and you wonder how much control to exert. You wonder whether to just tell them what to do, find out their views then tell them, jointly decide what to do or just let them sort things out on their own.

Getting this right is difficult. This is especially as no two parents or people in loco parentis (eg foster carers or residential social workers) are necessarily going to agree about this. However, what you and the children all know is that, if everybody is singing off the same sheet, family life is pleasanter. That's why we want to help you develop a more consistent, fair and balanced approach to family decision making.

What is on offer?

You now have access to the Parenting Judgement Indicator (PJI). It has a series of very familiar family situations where a decision has to be made. All you have to do is to rate the appropriateness of four different ways of engaging with the children. The children in each scenario are deliberately aged between 9 and 11, although this is only because this is the age when your need to keep control and the child's need for freedom can be most obviously in conflict. However, please understand, the PJI is meant to help parents and carers of children of all ages.

By completing the PJI you will be able to benchmark yourself against a very varied set of other ordinary parents. This can give you ideas about ways to develop your parenting judgement. Moreover, if you encourage others close to you to complete the PJI, the benefits to the children and family dynamics will be even more obvious, especially if you use the results to gain more consistency between you.

What Parents and Carers Have to Say

MOTHER: 'Very informative and thought provoking.  I was not surprised at the findings but found the guidance extremely useful and it made me think and realise what I am actually doing to bring up my children. I don't think I've ever sat down and considered it in quite this way before. I will definitely be using this (and already have) in the future to help me raise my family.  Thank you.'

FOSTER CARE MANAGER: 'I found the indicator pretty accurate in relation to my own decision making and judgment and it reflected my approach of getting alongside children and young people in an attempt to reach agreement through listening and compromise. Many thanks.'

FOSTERING AND RECRUITMENT TEAM SOCIAL WORKER: 'I have found this to be very relevant and I think it is a true reflection of my parenting style. As a team of Social Workers we have all completed it and we all felt that it would be a useful tool for foster carers to help them understand their parenting style.'