Leadership Insight Plus Report

Leadership Insight Report

Improve your leadership judgement by completing one of our Leadership Judgement Indicators.  After completion of an LJI, you will receive a comprehensive Leadership Insight Report.

This premium report will give you developmental feedback on your LJI performance.  Importantly, it includes an action planning process that will clearly identify your strengths and development needs. This will help you work with and through your reporting colleagues with more discernment.

It is recommended that you obtain a Leadership Insight Report before embarking on the Personal Development Leadership Programme (PDLP).  This is because it will enable you to select clear, well-defined behavioural objectives. 

The Leadership Insight Report is a stand-alone report that can be used in all leadership development settings and is especially useful if you aspire towards progressing in your career and wish to hold leadership positions.  The report will be especially useful to those working in high-performance and senior executive settings.

Access to the Leadership Insight Plus Reports

By completing one or more of the Leadership Judgement Indicators (LJIs) available below you will be able to devise a personal plan of action for your continuing leadership development. There are five Leadership Judgement Indicators to choose from:

After you have completed the LJI of your choice, you will receive an individually tailored developmental report.  The report will:

(a) describe your leadership judgement,

(b) detail your leadership preferences for each available style,

(c) provide a clear profile chart to aid interpretation, and

(d) present you with an action planning process that will help you target areas for improvement.