"You sound like the wife now" - face validity of fire service leadership assessment

We recently gave telephone feedback to fifteen people who had completed the FRS-LJI.  They ranged in seniority from a Firefighter to Group Manager.  The telephone calls each took about 30 to 45 minutes and the purpose was to help the individuals with their own leadership development.

A key benefit for us was to gather more evidence of the face validity of the FRS-LJI, as it is a relatively new instrument.  We were delighted with how the calls were received, but rather than our analysis, see some of the direct quotes from the participants:

  • Really good.  The feedback will help me to reflect and develop.
  • Got me summed up pretty well.
  • It makes sense.
  • Really helpful.  Difficult to see sometimes habits you have fallen into.
  • You sound like the wife now.
  • Question I need to ask myself is ‘how do I need to lead in this situation?’
  • Crystal clear – the penny’s dropped for me.
  • Food for thought.
  • Really good – just to think about this stuff is helpful.
  • It’s picked up on a weakness, my willingness to let go of things.
  • Development need is to pin down where and when to consult in a timely manner and when to move on.
  • Report is a valuable trigger for reflection and planning development and more than repays the time in completing the instrument.
  • Lots to celebrate.
  • It’s given me a place to start working towards in my development and to help me think about developing other people.
  • Reassures me I am the person I think I am.
  • Two reports really complement each other – using a strength based assessment and the FRS-LJI combined has been really valuable for my own development

If you want to know more about how the FRS-LJI can help you assess the leadership judgement in your fire and rescue service, please contact Bob Wheeler - or even better sign up for the free accreditation training so you can use it yourself!