A new Fire and Rescue Service LJI

Formula 4 Leadership is delighted to have collaborated with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services (HFRS), one of the largest Fire and Rescue Services in England, in the development of a specific Fire and Rescue Leadership Judgement Indicator – the FRS-LJI.

In 2015 the Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI) was very well received as part of a senior coaching programme at HFRS.  The Service quickly saw the relevance of the Formula 4 Leadership Model and supporting materials.  It became clear that there was an opportunity to create a more tailored instrument aimed at the specific challenges of Commanders within the Service. 

The FRS-LJI is an innovative addition to the Formula 4 Leadership Suite of psychometric instruments meeting British Psychological Society standards.  It is a standardised test which compares the test taker’s response to that which could be expected from a population of other Fire and Rescue Commanders. Using a highly vigorous protocol for the construction of the instrument, 16 scenarios were developed and perfected with the help of a group of highly experienced and motivated Fire and Rescue Leaders.  The result is an outstanding instrument uniquely fit for purpose.

HFRS has highly significant training resources both for its own service and for training in other regions.  The primary focus of the partnership was to benefit HFRS but it is envisaged that the FRS-LJI will have great value for other regional services too.

It’s been an incredible journey working with some really thoughtful and accomplished leaders to create a bespoke instrument which can be used in a variety of settings, for the selection and development of leaders at all levels within the Fire and Rescue Service.

For more insight into the instrument, take a look at what Assistant Chief Officer, Andy Bowers has to say about the FRS-LJI.