Guest Blog on Mindfulness

Ted Garratt is one of the best coaches and trainers I have ever met.  He has had great success working with global businesses (such as Akzo Nobel and Alstom) and in professional sport (including Leicester Tigers, England Rugby and Leicestershire County Cricket).  He has written three books (to date!) ‘The Effective Delivery of Training Using NLP’, ‘Sporting Excellence’ and his most recent, ‘Coaching for the Zone’.

Continually researching and experimenting with innovative new coaching and mentoring techniques, he is currently working extensively with mindfulness and has formed an alliance with the Midlands Centre for Mindfulness to work in areas of mutual interest.  I am delighted that he has agreed to contribute an occasional series on mindfulness for our website.  The first introductory one is found in our Blogs section with the title “Using Mindfulness in Business and Sport”.

I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.  It is clearly a hot topic in so many fields, including performance and health so both Ted and I are hoping that it becomes a trigger for you to add comments about your own experience of mindfulness (or the lack of it) and its impact.