DOP Annual Conference

Formula 4 Leadership have been invited to run a half-day Workshop on the morning of Wednesday 6th January at the British Psychological Society's 2016 Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference.  The Workshop is entitled, 'Resilient Leadership: Strengthening Foreseeability in Leadership Decision Making.'

Formula 4 Leadership is currently involved with an organization that is drawing up a publication on planning for military leaders. The author of the publication recently stated,'Following extensive global search of multiple leadership models, we found that your model conveys the greatest depth of understanding in the least amount of explanation.’  The Leadership Decision Navigator uses this model in the course of allowing leaders to rehearse their day to day leadership decision making ahead of time. They simply think about something that needs to be done with and through their team that they want to achieve in the most efficient, effective and acceptable way. They then answer some key questions in simple yes/no format and, within seconds, the Leadership Decision Navigator tells them what leadership style is best to use given their thought process.  With uncertainty and unpredictability reduced, the leader can face up to a wider and more diverse range of decision making situations with greater confidence and resilience.

The workshop will make heavy use of the Leadership Decision Navigator and all delegates will complete the Leadership Judgement Assessor well in advance of the session.  To find out more and book your place, follow this link.