About Formula 4 Leadership

You can find here a little bit about the three of us who were first involved in the creation of our approach. If anybody wishes to contact us to discuss anything about leadership we would be delighted. This is our passion and we are keen to share it!

Nick Burnard 

Nick Burnard started working with Formula 4 Leadership having being approached to computerise the scoring and report-generation process. Having initially been trained in systems analysis, he has worked in both computer application development and computer infrastructure management for the past 25 years in a variety of companies within the manufacturing and telecoms sectors. He has run his own IT Solutions company for the last five years, working on computer infrastructure and application hosting projects, with special focus on internet-based deployments. He has a particular interest in the development and deployment of automated testing applications using internet and web-based technologies.

Michael Lock

Michael Lock is a qualified business and educational psychologist and brings those dual perspectives to bear in his work with Formula 4 Leadership. With Bob Wheeler, he is one of the two original authors of the LJI and the leadership framework behind it. He has devoted his energies within Formula 4 Leadership to new product development, working with nationally and internationally recognised thought leaders to extend the Leadership Judgement Suite.  He is particularly excited about the new Leadership Judgement Assessor (LJA), especially because of its dynamic assessment properties.


Bob Wheeler - a personal overview

Developing the Formula 4 Leadership Model and the products on this website with Michael Lock has been one of my most satisfying achievements.  My particular interests are in developing leadership through coaching, training and education in a way which fits with organisational and national culture.  I work with leaders at all levels and also a lot of analytical professionals such as lawyers, medical doctors and engineers.

My passion for developing leadership grew from realising that I would try to run through a brick wall for some people who had led me in the past while some others seemed to find it hard work to motivate me to walk across the room! It was obvious from personal experience that different followers reacted quite differently to different leaders.  I wanted to understand this and didn’t feel that the answer was wholly contained in any of the existing leadership models.

My work background is that I graduated in law from Cambridge University, qualified as a barrister then worked in a range of increasingly senior human resources positions.

I enjoy cooking and spending time with my wife, three children and dog.  I am really interested in team sports and when called on, I still play cricket to a poor standard but extremely enthusiastically.

Latest News

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    Hogrefe Publishing Group acquires assessment consulting company Formula 4 Leadership, along with its suite of high-impact, internationally-acclaimed leadership assessments.

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  • "You sound like the wife now" - face validity of fire service leadership assessment

    We recently gave telephone feedback to fifteen people who had completed the FRS-LJI.  They ranged in seniority from a Firefighter to Group Manager.  The telephone calls each took about 30 to 45 minutes and the purpose was to help the individuals with their own leadership development.

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