FRS-LJI Accreditation Training - Organisational

FRS-LJI Accreditation Workshop – Organisational

This is the best route for a team of specialists within a single organisation as everyone learns at the same time and you will work with the Formula 4 Leadership trainer to make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from the instruments in your own context.  

How it Works

  • Agree date with your Formula 4 Leadership trainer.
  • Completion of the FRS-LJI by the participants before the workshop.
  • An interactive one day workshop on the client's premises, designed to:
  1. Explore the concept of 'leadership wisdom', how it differs from personality and how its assessment is complimentary to other assessments in the selection context.
  2. Present the theory underlying the model on which the FRS-LJI is based.
  3. Provide skills to interpret the FRS-LJI, using case studies and personal feedback based upon the instrument.
  4. Explain how results from FRS-LJI can be used to assess, develop and enhance leadership judgement.
  5. Indicate specific techniques for using the FRS-LJI in OD.
  6. Each participant will be shown how the FRS-LJI integrates with other tools based upon the Formula 4 Leadership approach.  
  7. The Organisation will receive a complimentary copy of the Coach on the Desktop and the Leadership Judgement Assessor User Guides. They show the potential of additional tools for assessment or development of leadership abilities.

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How Much does it Cost?

The in-house LJI Accreditation Workshop is a bespoke product for your organisation so simply call Formula 4 Leadership and we will create a proposal which is specific to your needs. The costing will be based on the following principles:

  • The one-day workshop will take place in your own premises.
  • The fees for an LJI Accreditation Workshop will be £1600 plus travel costs and £100 per participant.
  • Each participant will receive an FRS-LJI Manual and their own personal LJI Reports.  
  • Valued Added Tax at the current rate will be added to our invoices.