FRS-LJI Accreditation Training - Distance Learning

FRS-LJI Accreditation - Distance Learning

This is a very practical route for an individual to achieve accreditation in using the FRS-LJI.  It is particularly effective for people who are experienced in feeding back other psychometric instruments.


  • It all works online by email, phone or Skype - so it is at a time and location to suit you;
  • You identify five people to be assessed in addition to yourself - and giving them feedback is an integral part of the training;
  • You get one-to-one coaching on how to interpret the FRS-LJI results and how to feed back the implications;
  • We work with you until satisfied that you have the knowledge and skills to use the instrument successfully, assessing leadership capability against international standards.


How it Works

  1. Agree dates with your Formula 4 Leadership trainer and identify five people you will be assessing during your training.
  2. You complete the FRS-LJI and receive debriefing by telephone or Skype from your F4 trainer.
  3. You brief your candidates in accordance with our advice and we send them the links so they complete the instrument online.
  4. Telephone coaching sessions where we discuss the instrument in detail.  We explore interpretation together based upon the results of your candidates and explain how best to approach the feedback.
  5. As the sessions progress, you take increasing responsibility for leading on the interpretation, so as to demonstrate your increasing understanding.
  6. You feed back the results to your candidates and prepare a case study on at least one of the candidates.
  7. We assess the case study and when you have demonstrated your ability both to interpret the Indicator accurately and to feed back the outcomes appropriately, we shall accredit you as a qualified test user.
  8. You will receive an FRS-LJI Manual.  You will also receive reports based upon your own completion of the FRS-LJI.  You will nominate five people to complete the instrument and you will receive a Profile Report for each of those people.  Typically the process entails three or four telephone or Skype coaching sessions.

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£875.00 plus VAT for Accreditation.