FRS-LJI Accreditation Open Workshop

FRS-LJI Accreditation Open Workshop 

A one day course to enable users to become accredited in the use of the FRS-LJI.

How it Works

  • Completion of the FRS-LJI by the participants before the workshop.
  • An interactive one day workshop using case studies and personal feedback based upon the instrument, designed to:
  1. Explore the concept of 'leadership wisdom', understand the underlying leadership judgement model and its relationship to other leadership theories.
  2. Provide the skills to administer, interpret and feedback FRS-LJI profiles both in recruitment and development settings.
  3. Explain how results from FRS-LJI can be used to assess, develop and enhance leadership judgement by putting results into a meaningful context.
  4. Indicate specific techniques for using the FRS-LJI in OD.
  5. Show how the FRS-LJI integrates with other tools based upon the Formula 4 Leadership approach.

Each participant will receive an FRS-LJI Manual and their own personal FRS-LJI Reports as examples of all the reports which are available.   They will also receive a complimentary copy of the Coach on the Desktop or Leadership Judgement Assessor User Guide, depending upon whether their main interest is in assessment or development of leadership abilities.


Dates for Workshops 

Dates for Workshops will be set early in 2017 and details will be emailed to anyone who registers an interest. Accreditation Workshops run from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and include all refreshments, lunch and a Formula 4 T-shirt so participants can refer to our leadership model wherever they happen to be!



£375.00 plus VAT for Accreditation.