Leadership Insight Plus Report

Leadership Insight Plus Report

The Leadership Insight Plus Report is designed to help you deliver powerful leadership development.  It is based on completion of one of the Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI) series of tests.  Written as a stand-alone report, it compares the respondent’s ratings with the Formula 4 Leadership's Decision Making Model and a reference group of managers. The report includes a powerful action planning process to help create a Leadership Development Plan.

It can be given directly to the test-taker, providing extensive narrative feedback, taking into account: 

  1. Preference across the four styles – describes the strength of the respondent’s inclination to use each of the four different leadership styles. 
  2. Judgement in choosing leadership styles – describes the extent to which the respondent has been able to identify the best style to suit the situation. 
  3. How Preferences impact on Judgement – describes the interaction between the Preferences and the Judgement demonstrated by the respondent when completing the LJI. It is this analysis that gives the report its real power and potential to assist in developing high performance.

Leadership Insight Plus Reports

Choose from the Suite of LJI Leadership Insight Reports available. 

After your client has completed the LJI of your choice, you will receive an individually tailored developmental report.  The report will (a) describe their leadership judgement, (b) detail their leadership preferences for each available style, (c) provide a clear profile chart to aid their interpretation, and (d) present them with an action planning process that will help them target areas for improvement.