Leadership Judgment Indicators

Local Government (LG-LJI)

The LG-LJI is composed of sixteen scored local government leadership scenarios.  In each one, a chief executive or other senior officer is leading a team within a public services organisation. 

Roger Latham (pictured), former chief executive officer of Nottinghamshire County Council helped develop the scenarios. He is also past president of his professional accountancy association, CIPFA.  Using his wealth of knowledge and experience, a diverse range of scenarios were written and honed to resonate closely with the experiences of leaders who work in such public services settings.

The LG-LJI a very reliable test with an Alpha of 0.79.  It will aid those who develop senior officers and those who wish to create high performing local government teams. The norm group, against whom test-takers are compared, are mostly CEOs, Principals, Directors and Assistant Directors across a range of functions.

The LG-LJI is currently recommended for use in leadership development settings. 

EXAMPLE ASSIGNMENT - You are a HR and OD professional working within the public sector.  You have a brief to raise the standards of people management and development within your organisation and choose the Local Government - Leadership Judgement Indicator to benchmark your progress against a national database.

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