Leadership Judgment Indicators

Sales (S-LJI)

To create the S-LJI, Rachel Debenham, a Sales Performance Association ‘Sales Trainer of the Year’, researched a wide spectrum of national and multi-national businesses, liaising closely with their top sales managers and directors.  In so doing, she recognised that there are specific challenges in leading sales people successfully – and specific benefits in getting it right.  The S-LJI has been written with those challenges in mind.

The S-LJI assesses current and potential sales leaders who have to ensure the motivation, effectiveness and success of sales teams.  The S-LJI aids those who select and develop sales managers or directors and those who wish to create high performing sales teams.  Importantly, the S-LJI provides an immediate, clear and telling picture of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of ability to lead a sales team.  It compares test-takers against a wide ranging norm-group including sales directors, sales vice-presidents, country managers and global account managers - there are 120 managerial job titles in total!

Rachel Sanders, who researched the scenarios of the S-LJIThe S-LJI has an Alpha of 0.87, so confirming its excellent reliability. Higher scores have been found to be related to seniority and global job grade.  Significantly higher team dollar sales have also been shown to be related to discerning use of the Consensual and Delegative leadership styles. As a result, the S-LJI has proved an excellent adjunct to the process of selecting senior sales managers.  It is especially effective in sales team leadership auditing and training needs analysis.

EXAMPLE ASSIGNMENT - You are a global computer manufacturer. The company is a direct sales organisation, selling computers to order by mail, website and phone. It provides solutions, services, systems, electronics and accessories to home uses, small businesses and enterprise IT organisations.  You choose the S-LJI as part of your sales leadership high-performance development programme and it is completed by over 100 sales managers of various levels of seniority based throughout EMEA. As well as providing targeted individual feedback it allows you to establish the distinctive profile of the highest dollar earning team leaders.

Download an example S-LJI Technical Report or the narrative S-LJI Personal Insight Report.