Leadership Judgment Indicators

Global (G-LJI)

The G-LJI is composed of 16 scored scenarios that have global resonance within large multi-national corporations.  The scenarios were developed in partnership with Ciba Specialty Chemicals, since acquired by BASF.  Subsequent development work of the instrument was undertaken with a number of large-scale global companies in a variety of business sectors.  It is aimed at higher-level leaders working in multi-national companies where typically US English is the language of communication.  It compares respondents with a database of managers all working in larger organisations.  The G-LJI addresses a trend towards the globalisation of assessment tools to assess key global managers who have to demonstrate cultural adaptability and the sort of social judgement necessary for success on a broad stage.

It is a very reliable instrument with an Alpha of 0.85 for overall leadership judgement. Moreover, G-LJI scores have been found to correlate strongly with Assessment Centre performance of senior site managers working on a global playing field in power supply. G-LJI scores have also been found to be significantly and positively correlated with future potential contribution in senior leadership for a global computer manufacturer. Moreover, as case study evidence confirms, the G-LJI has proved very effective in senior level recruitment and development settings.

EXAMPLE ASSIGNMENT - You are selecting a site leadership team for a multi-national chemicals company where the ability to flex style across a diverse site population is a critical competence for job success.  You choose the Global - Leadership Judgment Indicator as an adjuct to your personaility based assessment.

Download an example G-LJI Technical Report or the narrative G-LJI Personal Insight Report.