Leadership Judgment Indicators

Generic (LJI-2)

The LJI-2 is the generic, bedrock assessment tool from which all other versions originate.

The LJI-2 has been used globally on many thousands of occasions in very diverse settings in both selection and development. Knowing that the LJI-2 is reliable and robust can give considerable confidence in its use.  Using a paired comparison approach (fully described in the G-LJI and S-LJI Manual Supplements) Cronbach's Alpha for the LJI-2's overall judgement score os 0.83, so confirming leadership judgement as a unitary concept.  Alpha for each of the other main scores generated is as follows:

LJI-2 Internal Consistency

Directive 0.85 0.77
Consultative 0.82 0.70
Consensual 0.88 0.78
Delegative 0.89 0.80

The validity evidence for LJI-2 is equally impressive. For example, the judgement scores have no adverse impact on gender and confirm accumulated wisdom with age, experience and seniority, as would be reasonably expected.  The LJI-2 also has impressive face validity. Whether you intend to assess candidates for a Vice Chancellor position, or first line supervisors on a factory floor, nobody will baulk at completing the test. All will see the sense in its use and its appropriateness in all situations where power can be used and abused.

Test-takers are compared against a large and very diverse norm group from across the world of work. Some work at supervisory level whilst others are at the helm of very large organisations - the one common attribute is that they are all leaders.

EXAMPLE ASSIGNMENT - You are assessing Vice Chancellor candidates for a Russell Group university and wish to explore how each candidate will approach leadership decision making across a broad tapestry of situations.  You choose the Leadership Judgement Indicator to assist the Panel in exploring the merits of each candidate.

Download an example Technical Report for LJI-2 or the narrative LJI-2 Personal Insight Report.