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  • "You sound like the wife now" - face validity of fire service leadership assessment

    We recently gave telephone feedback to fifteen people who had completed the FRS-LJI.  They ranged in seniority from a Firefighter to Group Manager.  The telephone calls each took about 30 to 45 minutes and the purpose was to help the individuals with their own leadership development.

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  • Free training in the Fire and Rescue Leadership Judgement Indicator (FRS-LJI)

    Recent sad events such as Grenfell Tower and the Manchester bombing have reminded all of us of the contribution which the Fire and Rescue Services make to keeping everyone safe.  Here at Formula 4 Leadership we have been really proud to work in partnership with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to create a specific Leadership Judgement Indicator to contribute to the assessment and development of leaders in Fire and Rescue Services. 

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